HI I’M JANE I was born & grew up in Ecuador. Along the way I went to a prestigious college ‘Universidad de las Americas’ where I loved one and only one thing, the photography classes. After learning all the advertising & marketing skills you can’t even think of, I graduated with a 5 year degree and finally felt ready to.. get more camera gear & travel around the world! My first stop was the charming town of Index-Washington, where I fell in love with the man who now calls himself my husband. I currently live in the woodsy area of Renton &  I don’t photograph subjects, I photograph the way they feel about life. I am a collector of natural light and candid moments, of emotions and the magnificent landscapes of the state of Washington.

I founded The Royal Squirrel Family photography in 2011 & Jane Speleers Wedding photography in 2013.

My style : Light, contemporary, rustic, candid & organic

Learn more about my professional development at : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jane-speleers/26/a1/3a0

Thank you again for everything….it was a lot of fun and you are a really gifted photographer.  BTW – I forgot to mention, you have a great rapport with children.  You should really include a description of yourself on your website and your photography style.  I think your photos are so special that it’d be great to highlight that.

Mary K. Customer since 2013

Oh! And I have a great rapport with children :) (actually, I speak english, spanish & toddler)

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